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TEC Sales is an authorized representative for the most trusted names in the Industrial Electrical Industry.

TEC Sales is a manufacturer representative. TEC Sales does this by leveraging our long-term business relationships within the electrical distribution sales channel and offer the best possible solutions with great customer service.

During these challenging times and in a fast-paced global economy, customers are either inundated with information or cannot access the information they need.

TEC Sales believes it becomes critical for a customer to feel they have a voice, and only by providing a hands-on approach can manufacturers and customers build relationships lasting for years to come.

As a manufacturer’s representative, we are dedicated to growing our client's STRATEGIC market segments, and providing Technical Expertise for the products we represent.

CONNECTING quality electrical manufacturers with the FIELD.

What makes us different?

Relentless effort to satisfy the customer while maintaining our manufacturer’s long term objectives.


Exceptional follow up and business acumen.

Straight forward approach and honesty when dealing with difficult business decisions.


Ability to open new doors in strategic market segments.

TEC Sales is committed to becoming the most valued resource for our manufacturers and customers within the industrial electrical industry. We look forward to building a long term business relationship with you and your company, by supplying you with the best Commercial and Industrial Electrical Products our Manufacturers make available.

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