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nVent ERIFLEX is a Low Voltage power and grounding confection for OEMs, panel builders and targeted high amperage low voltage industries.

This product reduces cost of ownership and improves design reliability. Low Voltage products for power cables, distribution blocks, and grounding connections. Products include:
• FLEXIBAR CABLE: Zero Bend Radius, Temp range -50C to +115c, Halogen-free cables from 150amps to 4800amps. LUGS INCLUDED
• IBSB readymade cables: 125 amps to 630 amps; 9 inch to 40 inch
• Distribution Blocks & Terminal Blocks: UL and UL Listed, IP20 finger safe blocks. 85 amps to 1680 amps UL
• MBJB Grounding and Bonding braids for reliable grounding solutions (UL Listed)