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Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 12.23.13

Ice Cube, Timing, Monitor & PCB Relays, Thermostats, Contactors, Etc.

Finder Relays is one of the true original manufacturers around the world, running over 300,000 relays a day through their production line. They make Full Function Relay Modules and Din Rail Mounted Devices for a variety of applications. In addition to making and innovating traditional Ice Cube relays and sockets, they have also designed 6.2mm wide relays and timers to save cabinet space. The various types of relays include Ice Cube with on-board surge suppression or timer modules, Electromechanical relays (EMR), Solid State relays (SSR), Power relays, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Relays, Fusible Thin 6.2mm Width Relays and Timers, Multi-function Timers, Power Monitoring Relays, Thermostats, Contactors, Etc.

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