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E-mail: MTL-US-Info@eaton.comPhone: (1-800) 835-7075 | Web:

World leader in the development and supply of hazardous area protection equipment and open integration network system solutions for hazardous area interfacing.

Many of the world’s most critical processes are monitored, controlled or protected by MTL equipment.

Intrinsically Safe Products – Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators, Alarms, Annunciators, Beacons, Sounders, Zone 0 / 1 HD Camera, Hazardous Area Ethernet Solutions
Surge Protection – Control / SCADA Systems, Process I/O and Field Devices, Data Networks, and Telecom Systems
Industrial Networking – Fieldbus Power supplies, Diagnostic modules, Field wiring components, HART Interfacing Solutions, Process Signal Conditioning Solutions, Controls System Cyber Security Firewall
Visualization – Zone 1 / 2 HMI Displays, Thin Clients and Embedded PCs

Ratings – Accreditations & Certifications
• Global hazardous area approvals to address your local safety needs (IECex, UL, FM, ATEX, CSA and others) – Note: Check specific products for specific requirements!
• Full compliance with relevant EMC, Low Voltage and ATEX Directives for CE marking
• Accredited Functional Safety Management Company
Range of products assessed for use in safety loops up to SIL1/2/3
FSM certification by SIRA, a notified body
Based on 2nd edition IEC 61508:2010

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