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POWERLINE HARDWARE (PLH) is a world-class global provider of high quality Distribution Hardware , Insulators, Cutout Switches, Anchoring and Grounding Products. PLH has a long established tradition of excellence in our marketplace. Our size and ability, combined with our commitment to meet the different needs of our customers, has provided us with client relationships that span decades.

In 1989, the Powerline Hardware Company (PLH) began with the purpose to fill a void in the availability of affordable and consistent quality pole line hardware for the utility industry. PLH began in Jacksonville, Fl. as a direct, regional supplier of Distributor class hardware and Insulators. This combination of products brought a unique offering to the Utility and Electrical Wholesaling Industry. PLH was also one of the first US companies to initialize offshore sourcing for the majority of its product lines. Their clients quickly realized the value of the PLH product, long before overseas manufacturing became the mainstream as it is today.

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