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RazrLites, a Celeritas Lighting Group Brand, is a premier distributor of LED lighting products. Razr fixtures are designed for maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance, increased service life, and improved light quality. Our products are carefully designed or specified to meet strict guidelines for efficacy and longevity setting them miles apart from the standard offerings. RazrLites offers intuitively designed options for retrofit as well as new fixtures where retrofit is not possible or simply not the best option. RazrLites indoor and outdoor fixtures are simply the best qulity option on the market. 

True to its mission, Celeritas Lighting Group, along with Razr, continues to innovate and use its design ideas and market knowledge to bring the most intuitive, energy efficient, and cost effective solutions to market. Research and devolopement continue to be the focus of our business.

Located in Southwestern Virginia, with distribution points in Georgia and California, the RazrLites team stands ready to provide its customers with the best possible service.

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