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E-mail: maribel@topstarintel.comPhone: 909-595-8807 | Web:

Topstar is a LED lighting company about tailoring the right fit for each unique client. Lighting can be almost anything you want it to be: from minimal to classic, avant-garde to modern. Let your imagination soar and our team of experts will find a unique lighting solution for you that is professional, sustainable, and within your budget. Anything is possible and we have the expertise to help you design it. Topstar believes in a client first approach that is fun, easy, and efficient. Sit down with one of our designers; share your ideas, brainstorm, or just browse through pre-existing design and concept. We'll show you renderings, photographs and mock-ups so you can be confident that your vision is being created exactly as what you imagine. At the same time, we also have our US local warehouse to do the close service and make the logistic more easy for you. Our warehouses are located in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, respectively。

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