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Why Nemalux?

Light is one of the most persistent and significant variables in a person’s life. The intimate understanding of lighting technology is their passion and focus.

Nemalux provides a full line of LED products that support the industry with technology and design.

Nemalux manufactures industrial grade and hazardous location approved luminaires. Their products provide safe and effective lighting. Nemalux upgrades conventional light fixtures where water, vibration, or temperature affect long-term performance.

Durable Lighting Technology:

LED luminaires for harsh and hazardous location use. Human centric lighting improves safety and productivity.

Versatile Deployment Options:

Light fixtures featuring various optical and mounting options. Tailored lighting systems to address challenging projects.

Lifetime Value:

Lower initial cost, simplified installation, and field serviceable components result in excellent value.

Expert Support Services:

In-house lighting design and product engineering expertise. Lighting outcome-based philosophy vs a simplistic product-centric approach.

Short Lead Times:

An extensive component stocking program with just-in-time manufacturing from their Canadian facility.

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