Mike Meinscher


Mike has over 30 years in the electrical industry. He is a Texas A&M University Graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial Distribution. Throughout his career, Mike has enjoyed success in a variety of roles including branch location start-ups in the electrical distribution environment, EPC specialist driving manufacturer’s specifications with contract engineering firms along with his position as a drive specialist at a large electrical distributor in Houston.


Mike is an active church member and implements God’s teachings in his daily life. Throughout the years, Mike has built long-standing business relationships by dealing with his clients with trust and integrity. Mike’s passion for building business within the electrical industry is contagious and he looks forward to working with you.

Kevin Kinzie


Kevin has over 20 years in the manufacturing environment. He is a Texas Tech University Graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering. Mr. Kinzie is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

In the past 20 years, Kevin has had various tenures in the manufacturing environment. From streamlined Product Research and Development Processes, implemented Lean Six Sigma Programs to Increased Sales Revenues in various industries; most recently the electrical industry.


Kevin prides himself with understanding the customer and building long standing business relationships. Kevin is also active in his church and is guided by his relationship with Jesus Christ. Kevin will continue to bring new ideas and concepts to the electrical rep industry to ensure the growth and success of TEC Sales, LLC and he is looking forward to serving you.

Oliver Willingham


Oliver is a Texas A&M University Graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial Distribution with a Minor in Business Management. As a recent addition to the TEC Sales family, Oliver brings a new and welcomed approach to an established team of effectual sales engineers.


His natural talent and passion has accelerated his understanding of commerce and relationships in the manufacturing environment and has earned him the position of Regional Sales Manager and Project Manager. As a recent addition to the TEC Sales family, Oliver brings a new and welcomed approach to an established team of effectual sales engineers. His natural talent and passion has accelerated his understanding of commerce and relationships in the manufacturing environment and has earned him the position of Regional Sales Manager and Project Manager.


Over three years he watched the business grow from 20M to 40M in annual revenue, grow from 75 to 135 employees, and experienced a full buyout from an international conglomerate. Invaluable experience was gained in motors, drives, processes, controls, and high-speed turbine technology, as well as manufacturing processes, new product design, procurement, marketing, and system software implementation.


Oliver has a passionate love of family and friends that shines through all aspects of his life and work. Oliver’s hard-work, devotion, and integrity adds strength to our team that thrives on enduring business relationships and dedication to our client’s objectives.

Tony Johnson


Tony attended Kilgore Junior College. He spent 7 years at an industry-leading hazardous location electrical manufacturer, over 10 years in Industrial Electrical Distribution, and most recently at a respected motor control OEM here in Houston.


Tony has two boys and lives in Kingwood, Tx, a suburb of Houston. He enjoys helping coach his son’s baseball team and also spending time with his family and friends. Tony’s passion in life is to help customers/people solve their problems. We are confident that you will find Tony an experienced resource to help us better serve you and your customers.

Nathan Greaner


Nathan is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, native Texas and knows no stranger. Honor, Courage and Commitment are still values Nathan lives by both personally and professionally. 

Nathan transitioned straight to the civilian workforce after his service. Over the last 15 years, he has gained a wealth of practical experience working with mechanical and electrical components in a variety of industries including, Oil & Gas, A/V and most recently Utility Construction. Working field service for most of his career, Nathan knows you must adapt and overcome when presented with a challenge. While he will miss those days of coming home covered in mud and grease, he is thrilled to be part of the TEC Sales Team.

Through his perseverance, technical expertise, and ability to connect to with people, Nathan will bring value to our customers and team.

Nathan’s family is his anchor. He actively stays connect with his battle buddies and local community of Marine Veterans. In his free time, you can catch him on the golf course, duck hunting, or fishing.

Nathan is excited to join TEC Sales Team and can’t wait to build relationships with our customers.

If you have an electrical demand, Nathan is your Man!

Daniel Moreno


Daniel is a graduate from Texas A&M University. He has 7 years of sales experience and is very passionate in the work he does. His integrity, his ability to be trustworthy, and his hard work are all characteristics that we feel will continue to benefit the TEC Team. We believe that his core values and morals will guide him to be successful in electrical industry.


He has a true love for his family and friends. His caring attitude and positive outlook on life keeps him smiling every day. He understands that all of his successes all hinge on his devotion to God. Daniel is excited to maintain and build everlasting relationships in his region with TEC-Sales.

Herman Galatas, Jr.


Herman is a New Orleans native and current resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a graduate of Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana, with a degree in Business and Organizational Communication. As the newest member to the TEC Sales team, Herman brings with him five years of distributor level sales and eight of years of sales management experience in various industries such as: construction, electrical, 3D animation, sports marketing and consumer goods.


Herman is a former NCAA Division I and Division III baseball player. His passion for competition and chasing success is evident in his relentless efforts to bring TEC Sales to each corner of Louisiana. He prides himself on having the ability to build quality relationships through teamwork and communication.


In his down time, Herman enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and son Carter Joseph. He enjoys playing golf, going to LSU football/baseball games, attending New Orleans Saints games and traveling with his family. Herman, Amanda and Carter are active members of The Miracle Center church in Gonzales, Louisiana.

Austin leblanc


Austin is a Zachary native and current resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a graduate of ITI technical college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with a degree in Automation and Computer System Technology. In his down time, Austin enjoys going to the gym and snowboarding when he gets the chance to. He also enjoys attending LSU and Saints football games with his friends.

Taylor Robinson


Taylor has 8 years of sales experience and prides himself in the ability to connect with customers and create long lasting relationships. He is very passionate about his work and thrives to exceed all measures with extreme determination and a work ethic that is un-matched.


Taylor enjoys the outdoor lifestyle whether it is, on the golf course, in the duck blind or fishing. He enjoys watching college football and talking sports with his friends. Taylor looks forward to building a long lasting business in the electrical industry within the Oklahoma and North Texas in the years to come. His positive attitude and strong work ethic as well as his devotion to God, will guide him to success while creating long lasting relations within his region.


Greg started in electrical distribution 28 years ago after spending several years in the oilfield service industry.  His field experience and training allowed him to understand the sense of urgency and quality products needed to keep the field equipment running.  It further benefited him during the several years he worked in Electrical distribution.  Just like in his Oilfield Service work, Greg started in the warehouse and quickly worked his way up to a Senior Salesman concentrating primarily on the Petroleum market.  He spent a number of years honing his business relationships with large industrial contractors, opened on-site distribution stores, and became an expert on hazardous location-rated products for on-shore, and offshore applications globally.  Since 1999 Greg has continued to gravitate toward helping customers with IEC-rated lighting, motor control, distribution, and automation components and system solutions.

Greg enjoys spending time with his wife Christy and his ever-growing family.  He is a rabid Oklahoma Sooner and happy to defend his position as such.  He and Christy attend First Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma, and have enjoyed mentoring the church member’s children and youth groups.


Steve Lytle


Steve has over 20 years in the Electrical Industry. He has a Master’s Degree in the Science of Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Military Science from the University of Notre Dame. Steve is a graduate of the J.F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, and a former United States Army Captain in the Special Forces. He is proud to have served his country as a Desert Storm Veteran.


He has a diverse successful work history in Sales and Sales Management positions covering small and large Electrical Distributors, as an Electrical Manufactures’ Representative, and Senior Level Management with National and International Electrical Manufactures. Steve prides himself on helping others become successful.


He continues to build strong industry relationships through his Christian beliefs, and leadership ability to become others’ trusted advisor.

Crystal Ibrom


Crystal Ibrom has been in the industrial automation/electrical industry since 2005. Working as a distributor for the past 10 years to some of the top performing OEM’s in the Houston area. As well as an Inside Sales Management role for the past 4 years. Considers herself the fireman, putting out fires wherever they may surface and enjoys the satisfaction of helping others.


Crystal enjoys reading and spending time in the deer stand, as well as working with her husband to teach there 2 children that there is more to the world than just electronics. Outdoors and ranch life.

Trevor Scott


Trevor is a graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He is a Fort Worth native with 6 years of experience in sales, most recently in Controls and Instrumentation. Trevor strives to build lasting relationships based on trust and honesty. He brings value to our team and North Texas customers through his positive attitude, resourcefulness, and work ethic.


His family and friends are his motivation and he enjoys spending time with them. Rather it is spending time outdoors together, or simply enjoying one another’s company. His devotion and passion for continued learning will pave the way to success and a fulfilling career in the electrical industry. Trevor looks forward to building together and providing his customers with quality service and solutions.

Jerimy Robinson


Jerimy is a US Navy Veteran who has 16 years of experience in electronics and electrical products. Jerimy has worked with a wide range of electrical devices from military aviation to oceanography and Oil & Gas applications, serving in roles as technician and electrical/systems integration engineer. Jerimy has a wealth of experience with Zone rated equipment and is trained in Automation Controls as well as Functional Safety.


Jerimy is passionate about helping others and enjoys building long lasting relationships. His personal integrity and work ethic drives him daily to work his hardest and do right by others. He is ecstatic to be a part of the TEC Sales team and build new relationships with customers and co-workers. Jerimy is currently a BBA student at LeTourneau University and will begin working on his MBA in the fall 2018 semester.

Robert Sorbet


Robert has 40 years in the electrical industry. He started as an electricians helper and has advanced to present position of sales in the engineering market. He graduated with Associated Degree’s in Electrical Construction Technology and Business Administration from Delgado Community College in New Orleans. He spent 10 years in commercial electrical contracting market working as an electrician in the Greater New Orleans area. During this time he passed his electrical contracting exam. In 1988 he started work with Brown & Root Engineering and Construction (currently KBR) in the industrial Petro/Chemical market. He worked in various departments including construction, estimating, QA/QC, materials and procurement. In 1998 he advanced to Electrical Commodity Manager Electrical and worked on various global commodity agreements including a master agreement for Cable Tray. After working on various overseas projects he changed focus by leaving the company to work for an electrical distributor in sales. He spent 2 years working for WESCO in Dubai with a focus on Iraq and Afghanistan reconstruction. He currently works for TEC Sales covering the engineering market.

Caleb shaver


Caleb is a University of Texas at Austin Graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Biology.


Before joining the TEC Sales team, Caleb spent five years working in the Oil & Gas industry. He brings value to our team and customers through his positive attitude, resourcefulness, and work ethic.


Outside of work, Caleb enjoys spending time with friends and family, exercising, and being involved in his local parish church. His devotion to and passion for learning will pave the way to a fulfilling career in the electrical industry.

Caleb looks forward to building together and providing his customers with quality service and solutions

Ed Hiserodt


Ed has over 35 years as an electrical representative dealing primarily with variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, transformers and similar electromechanical devices. He has done start-ups or troubleshooting in 22 states, some of them many times.


Ed is active in conservative politics including two terms as Chairman of the American Conservative Union. He writes article on science and engineering for The New American magazine. Ed is the author of Underexposed: What if Radiation is Actually Good for You? that deals with the beneficial effects of low level radiation. The book has been translated in Dutch and French and recently re-published by the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine.


Ed has six children scattered across the county (including Texas) and a whole bunch of grandchildren.



Gus Mandujano has been in the industry since 2014. Working for a distributor as an inside account manager, MRO specialist, and product specialist. His passion is not only to provide a solution to the customer but to provide the most trustworthy experience.
Gus enjoys working out, dancing, sports, and anything outdoors. He currently has a business associate's degree and plans to obtain his Electrical Engineering bachelors. He feels extremely Blessed and is Excited to join the Tec Sales Family!

Ken Knowles


Ken has always been a dedicated individual who has never been afraid of rolling up his sleeves and working hard. He has 7 years of experience in both the construction and farming industries, as well as a few years in the hospitality industry. Although he is green to the oil & gas industry, his past experiences, extraordinary work ethic, and eagerness to learn and apply himself are what he is bringing to the table and are paving his path to a successful and meaningful career.


Ken enjoys watching football and gaming with friends worldwide. He loves to spend time with his family and friends. Whether it be at a family event, just hanging out, or a basic day tossing a line in the water with the guys, Ken is always in the present. He is very grateful to be a part of the TEC Sales team and continually strives to build great relationships throughout our industry and throughout his life with every passing day.

Donald Hoy


Donald has over 45 years in the Electrical Industry. He is a Lehigh University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Donald is well versed in ANSI/IEEE and IEC Standards. Donald is a former member of the IEEE and PCIC.


Donald has worked in various engineering positions in the cement, Oil & Gas both onshore/offshore, power generation, drilling rigs, FPSO, refining, and petrochemicals industries.


He has proven experience regarding electrical power and generation equipment, large power transformers, Iso-phase bus duct, generator circuit breakers, AIS and GIS switchgear from 2.4kV to 345kV, circuit switchers and disconnects up to 500kV, starting large motors up to 20,000 HP with captive transformers, variable frequency drive systems, transmission and distribution, utility type substations, power distribution substations, control, lighting and grounding systems and instrument upgrades.

Donald has performed many electrical power systems studies using SKM Pwrtools and ETAP which included Load Flow, Short Circuit, TCC’s, Arc Flash analysis along Arc Flash Mitigation.


Donald prides himself on understanding the customer requirements and building long standing business relationships. Donald is looking forward to serving you.

Kaylee kinzie


Kaylee is a Texas Tech University graduate with a Bachelors of Business Marketing. She also studied marketing at the University of New York in Prague during a semester abroad.


She has gained marketing experience in a variety of industries, now focusing on B2B marketing. The TEC team believes you will notice her excitement to increase brand awareness for TEC Sales and all of our manufactures. Kaylee spends her free time reading and becoming more knowledgeable about the marketing world. Kaylee is looking forward to being an asset to the TEC Sales team by creating various marketing strategies to strengthen the TEC Sales brand.

Casey Thomas


Casey is a Chicago native who now resides in Cypress, Texas. He is a graduate of Triton College in River Grove, Illinois with a degree in Restaurant Management. He put his degree to use in Las Vegas where he served as the General Manager of multiple restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. As a new member of the TEC Sales team, Casey brings with him seven years of OEM and electrical contractor sales experience.  Casey is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. 


Casey enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle. Whether it be camping, fishing or playing golf. He is married to his wife, Lindsay, of 11 years and has two children, Cain and Quinn. Casey has a deep love for his family and friends. He is very active in his church, Second Baptist, where Casey leads a 5th grade boys bible study class. He is thankful to God for leading him to this opportunity with Tec Sales. 

Dan sterling


Dan has 38+ years in the lighting & electrical products industry. He worked 14 years for two major lighting companies, Sylvania and MagneTek, then in 1997 started a successful rep firm, Lighting Systems & Electrical Products. In 2021 LSEP has become the nucleus for TEC Lighting. Dan’s parents came to the US from Europe and as a 1st generation American, he credits them for his deep Faith and work ethic.


He is a graduate of Princeton University with a BA degree majoring in Architecture. Dan and wife Cheryl are very proud of sons David and Jon and are blessed with two daughters in law and their three grandchildren - Luke, Lauren and Cate - are the “light” of their lives. Dan has a love of music ranging from Classical to Rock, is passionate about classic and modern cars, art and spending weekends at family farms near Round Top. His favorite Bible verse is “In all Thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct Thy paths.”

Stacey Ream 


Stacey brings over 20 years of sales and operations experience to this new adventure.  He is new to the industrial electrical industry but brings his native West Texas roots, exuberance for sales, and consultative approach to the region.


Stacey spent the last seven-plus years in the industrial coating and plating business consulting with customers primarily from the oil and gas industry, but enjoying the challenges of finding solutions for a broad range of customers corrosion and abrasion issues.

Trenton Jarell


Trenton has 3 years of Warehouse experience.  He is a hard worker and a dedicated team member.  He has been OSHA certified since 2020.  He has worked on several big assignments during his career, one included the lighting at Hobby Airport.  

He was activity involved in the ROTC program and JV Swim team.  While in high school, he was a life guard during the summer and he was promoted to Manager his fourth year of employment.   He truly enjoys helping others and has been previously certified in Basic Life Support from the American Heart Association.  

Trenton enjoys hunting and camping with family.  His recent hobby included building his 2nd computer since graduating high school.  He is very excited about this new career opportunity and looks forward to working as a team at TEC Sales.   

Brent Triplett


Brent is a Texas A&M University graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Supply Chain Management. As a recent addition to the TEC Sales family, Brent brings over 7 years of knowledge in the electrical industry. Previously serving as a manufacturer representative along with being a direct factory rep, Brent brings an extensive understanding of the processes and channel partners throughout the industry.


Brent is a very highly motivated individual with a passion for sales and valued customer relationships. He takes much pride in connecting with customers striving to create honest, lasting relationships. His hard work and integrity ensures our customers will be well taken care of, driving accelerated growth for each of our partners.


Brent also has a true love for his family and friends. He has a very positive, caring attitude that ensures the best possible environment to strengthen our team. In his downtime, Brent enjoys just about anything outdoors, whether it be hunting, golfing, lake days, sports, or snowboarding.

Kevin Salazar


Kevin has had previous experience within the sales industry and has a huge hunger to learn and grow within the field. He is a University of Texas at San Antonio Graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Salazar has a broad range of knowledge in numerous engineering fields which helps him understand the technical aspects of the products and in turn better help the consumer.

During his years of studying, Kevin has been able to learn about different manufacturing processes as well as Lean Six Sigma principles through his manufacturing classes. He has a great understanding of Economic analysis and has undertaken engineering projects as team leader during his university career.

Kevin is a hard worker who strives to build great customer and business relationships through constant communication and kindness. He is a man of God, which has allowed him to put the needs of others before himself and will always treat people with respect. Kevin's addition onto the TEC team will ensure the streamline of fresh and new ideas that will nurture the growth of TEC Sales. He looks forward to helping and serving you to the best of his abilities.

Rusty Powell


Rusty graduated from LSU in ‘05 with BA in Accounting/Finance. He got his masters from Southeastern La University in ‘07.  Rusty worked for a large oil/petroleum company through his masters program and after graduation.  In ‘09 he joined my father to help him with his electrical sales firm and have remained ever since.  He has been calling on engineers, distributors, OEMs and contractors in La and MS the entire time.  Stephanie has been his rock since 2013, words cannot accurately express what she has meant to him and his late father. Rusty is a devoted Christian, husband, father, as well as a baseball and football coach.  He is an avid hunter and fisherman. He's been with his lovely wife, Lindsey, for over 15+ yrs. They have two brilliant and beautiful children, boy and a girl, Layton (6) and Sutton (20 mos).  They are their world, sometimes to a fault. Rusty is grateful for Mike, Kevin, and Herman for allowing us to be part of this wonderful family.

Stephanie Meaulance


Stephanie worked for RLP Electrical Sales for 8 years as an inside salesperson. Before working for RLP Electrical Sales, she worked in the banking industries. She is happily married with 2 beautiful girls. She enjoys being around family. She loves going hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing. The girls and she also love the beach and exploring plantation homes.

Ryan Wilson


Ryan has over 15 years of experience in the electrical industry, primarily in the offshore oil and gas sector specializing in hazardous location applications.  He graduated from Glasgow College of Nautical Studies with a degree in Nautical Science, he then went onto work in the offshore shipping industry serving as a deck officer on gas tankers, shuttle tankers and oil tankers in the Merchant Navy from 2001 to 2007.  After getting married to Gayle and having their daughter Caitlin; Ryan moved back to a land based job as a salesman promoting Ex products in hazardous locations. 


Ryan is an active church member who enjoys serving the Kingdom and his community, his passions are his wife and daughter, the church, skiing and traveling. 

He prides himself on being trustworthy, having genuine integrity and being able to farm relationships which are based on these values. 

Mario Vasquez


Mario has been in the Oil & Gas Industry since 1992, he has spent 18 years of this in the Industrial Electrical Industry with a few different local Distributor’s. 


During his off time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, he's been married for 34 years to his wife Marti and they have one daughter Monica and one Grandson Reynaldo (Rey). He is a Marine Corp Veteran, his hobbies are hunting, fishing and golf.